Jose Funnell (10–16 Jul)

Jose Funnell is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer and activist based in London. Through live performance, sound and the workshop space, their practice explores the radical potential of embodiment as a site of critical pedagogy, liberation and healing. Their work considers the gaze as material, our embodied relationships to technologies of the gaze, and the experiential dynamics of sharing space. Both their artistic practice and activist work aims to center and serve those most violently alienated by the historic projects of white supremacy and the imperialist capitalist patriarchy.

At Bergen Kunsthall’s Live Studio, they will be joined by collaborator Dr. Hannah Catherine Jones to compose and develop a 3D sound piece that explores the capacity of music and frequencies to alter states of embodiment and experience. This will form the soundtrack for a new performance work that is being developed in collaboration with performers Amani Cosmo, Bambi Jordan Phillips and Wet Mess, which will premiere at the ICA in London in November 2023.