©Hollow, Aura, 2023

Hollow embodies the shared hallucinations of dancer/choreographer Viktor Szeri, media artist/game designer Tamás Páll, and curator/writer Gyula Muskovics. They have been working collectively since 2018, combining their visible and immaterial forces with sound and game mechanics to create immersive environments and cross-reality experiences. They merge the methodologies of contemporary dance with poetics, new media, augmented reality, virtual reality, and live-action role-play to build world prototypes where they question the dominant systems of consensual reality. In the past, Hollow has provided access in various forms, in off-sites, theatres, galleries, and festivals across Europe, to the land of obscurity, investigating topics and contexts such as queer cruising, the hyperspace, millennial cults, the radicalization of the gamer subculture, eco-anxiety, nature as a black box, and walking as a psychoactive substance.

At Bergen Kunsthall’s Live Studio, Hollow will be developing a project called Aura. This immersive performance premiered in April 2023 at the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest and in July, it will be further developed in the frame of the Montag Modus interdisciplinary event series at radialsystem in Berlin. Aura examines the relationship between theatre and reality, as well as shared imagination as a tool for survival and world-building in Eastern European underground communities.

In collaboration with Montag Modus (Berlin), with support from Kulturrådet.