Beate Poikāne and Clea Filippa Ingwersen (27 Feb – 10 Mar 2023)

Beate Poikāne is a scenographer and visual artist from Riga, Latvia. Through visual expressions she plays with the liminality of ‘fiction’ and ’reality’, exploring how imagination relates to actual spaces. Danish-German artist Clea Filippa Ingwersen is interested in the dynamics and sensuous qualities that arise from the meeting of embodiment between human and material engagement through sculptural elements and performative activations.

In the Live Studio, Bergen-based Beate Poikāne and Clea Filippa Ingwersen will work on a new performance that is emerging from their previous collaboration “Oscillating Beasts and other revelations”. As departure for their spatial and performative composition, they use associative responses to material interaction and assembled images. As a duo, they follow an intuitive, process-based artistic research to unfold the potential of multiplicity.

With the support of Kulturrådet.

Photo: Collage by Beate Poikane and Clea Filippa Ingwersen with photos by Ronja Michelsen and Beate Poikane.