Heidi Rustgaard (8.–14. januar)

Heidi Rustgaard makes choreographic works in-between performance, dance and curation. Since 2000, she has worked collaboratively as a choreographer, performer and curator duo with Hanna Gillgren operating as H2DANCE, working between Norway, Sweden and the U.K. She has recently come to characterise her artistic practice as transdisciplinary, creating works that conceptualises knowledge in terms of process and ongoingness. Making pieces for both the gallery and the theatre space she doesn’t only focus on one discipline, but extend, explore, and shape a choreographic practice by connecting with various knowledges working off-score, as a queering and destabilising move intended to expand her practice as a choreographer and curator. In 2018, H2DANCE founded Fest en Fest – an international festival of expanded choreography.

Currently she is busy with a series of works, titled AMPLIFIED EDITION. This series seeks to queer the relationship between the body, sound and space toward activating and re-centring choreographic material which are otherwise situated in the background or hidden from view.

At Bergen Kunsthall’s Live Studio, Heidi will explore her new choreographic device, one-note, contributing to the development of H2DANCE’s upcoming production, AMPLIFIED EDITION N ° 3, alongside laying the foundation for the creation of a series of works for the gallery space, each exploring polyrhythmic choreographic compositions. Collaborating with sound designer Ross Flight will harness Ableton Live’s capabilities to enhance the practice of going off-score, working with only one musical note and one movement as the choreographic material.

Funded by Developing Your Creative Practice, Arts Council England
Photo: Benedict Johnson