Camille Norment
The Festival Exhibition 2023: Gyre

Bergen Kunsthall is proud to present the Festival Exhibition 2023 by Camille Norment. The exhibition will transform the galleries of Bergen Kunsthall into an installation that draws all four main galleries together in an expansive sonic experience. Norment’s work explores the ways in which sound relates to bodies, places, and the constellations of life, history and time embodied in these intersections. The title of the exhibition, «Gyre», refers to a spiral motion, a vortex and with loops and cycling sound, Norment creates a sonic landscape that visitors are able to explore at their own pace. For the first time in the history of the Festival Exhibition, this exhibition focuses on an artistic work where sound is central, highlighting the importance of sensing with the whole body and the legacy of interdisciplinary practice.

In the exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall, each of the galleries will contain works that activate the space through different forms of sound production. Though some of these works are spectacular and large in scale, they inhabit the space as discrete objects that make use of the active acoustics of Bergen Kunsthall’s galleries. A large work in brass, presented in the largest gallery, is the centre of a complex feedback installation in which the surrounding noise in the space becomes a part of the future direction of the sound we’re listening to. Across the galleries, the composition also contains polyphonic drum-like rhythms, together with sounds of voices and the chattering of teeth produced by other objects in the exhibition. The composition is tuned to the space of the Kunsthall, and through open doorways, the sounds connect and interfere with each other. In addition, Norment will show a series of new works on paper, made through sound and magnetism, with iron and rainwater. A space on the second floor provides a research situation with records and publications that create a context for the works in the exhibition.

Norment’s work builds on a principle that can be called “cultural psychoacoustics”, an investigation of sociocultural phenomena through sound and music. Her work specifically employs ideas of sonic and social dissonance, such as the phenomenon of feedback, which is commonly seen as a problem, and often eliminated in sound production. As a sound that is generated through an acoustic loop, feedback points to fundamental mechanisms of evolution and the friction of progress and destruction. Norment is interested in the sonic and its opportunities to create an experience of such entangled sensations and environments, and the spaces of agency it opens to listeners reflecting individually, as well as within the collective shared space.

A new publication will be released at the end of the exhibition, with texts by Nina Sun Eidsheim, Kathryn Yusoff and Camille Norment.

Camille Norment is a visual artist, composer and performer. Based in Norway since 2004, she represented Norway in the 56th Venice Art Biennale in 2015 with the large-scale three-part project Rapture.

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Thu 25 May 13:00 Free
The exhibition will be opened by director Axel Wieder on the steps of Bergen Kunsthall in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Sonja.

Free Opening Weekend
Fri 26 – Sun 28 May 11:00 – 17:00
Free entry to the exhibition during the opening weekend!

Exhibition is also open
Mon 29 May
Mon 05 Jun

Every Sunday 14:00
Every Sunday 13:00 For Families
Tue 23 May 18:00 Members

Platform: Camille Norment
Sat 27 May 14:00 Free
Artist Talk

Closing Weekend Talks:
Nina Sun Eidsheim and
Gary Tomlinson
Sat 12 Aug 14:00 Free