Camille Norment
Sylvia threat-grunts and Hannah screams ...

Edition: Camille Norment, "Sylvia threat-grunts and Hannah screams ...", 2023.

Camille Norment’s edition for Bergen Kunsthall is a set of four screen prints. Each of the prints shows a half sentence from a quote from Gary Tomlinson’s groundbreaking book_ A Million Years of Music: The Emergence of Human Modernity_ (Zone Books, 2015): “Sylvia threat-grunts, Hannah screams!” and vice versa. The quote is taken from behavioural research and the recognition of cause and effect in listening. Norment appropriates the text to create a spatial loop and a sound work to read.

The four prints have to be simultaneously installed on different walls and in distance from each other within the same architectural space. Norment was paused by the gendered tone of the quote. As a historical feedback loop, it resonates with the persistence and repetitive cycles of women, across time and place, finding themselves placed on the defense as an everyday mode existence.

Sylvia threat-grunts and Hannah screams …

Silk screen
Four parts each 30 × 13 cm
Ed 14 + 1 AP
NOK 10 500,-

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