Festspillutstillingen 2023
Opening Weekend: Camille Norment & Ørjan Amundsen

Welcome to the opening weekend of The Festival Exhibition: “Gyre” by Camille Norment and “Destiny” by Ørjan Amundsen at Bergen Kunsthall. The exhibitions will be opened by director Axel Wieder on the steps of Bergen Kunsthall in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Sonja.

Camille Norment: Gyre
Festspillutstillingen 2023

Bergen Kunsthall is proud to present the Festival Exhibition 2023 by Camille Norment. The exhibition will transform the galleries of Bergen Kunsthall into an installation that draws all four main galleries together in an expansive sonic experience. Norment’s work explores the ways in which sound relates to bodies, places, and the constellations of life, history and time embodied in these intersections. The title of the exhibition, “Gyre”, refers to a spiral motion, a vortex and with loops and cycling sound, Norment creates a sonic landscape that visitors are able to explore at their own pace. For the first time in the history of the Festival Exhibition, this exhibition focuses on an artistic work where sound is central, highlighting the importance of sensing with the whole body and the legacy of interdisciplinary practice.

Ørjan Amundsen: Destiny

For the exhibition in Gallery V, Ørjan Amundsen has produced a new work in which mythology, technology, facts and speculation are woven together in a three-channel video installation. The video material is based on appropriated content from unspecified sources and stems from the artist’s interest in advanced predictive technology, a tool originally used by meteorologists to forecast weather. Today it is part of what shapes our perception and conception of reality.

Thu 25 May
13:00—1600 Exhibition opening
22:30—01:00 Opening party at Landmark

Fri 26 May
11:00—17:00 Free entrance to the exhibitions

Sat 27 May
11:00—17:00 Free entrance to the exhibitions
14:00—15:30 Plattform: Camille Norment in conversation

Sun 28 May
11:00—17:00 Free entrance to the exhibitions
13:00—14:00 Family tour and workshop
14:00—15:00 Guided tour of the exhibitions