Tracing Space

Tracing Space is an exhibition that deals with space in different ways.The artists presents individual perceptions of reality, exploring borders, architecture, geography, monumental, and bodily subjects.

Through photographic media, texts, documentation and editing the works in Tracing Space balance construction and documentation in such a way that the public has an opportunity to make their own personal reading of them.

Doris Frohnapfel BORDER HORIZON
Doris Frohnapfel exhibits pictures from the series BORDER HORIZON, which consists of photographies of borders and border areas a remodelled Europe.
The political aspects of the expanded Europe balance between a personal interpretation, an artistic eye, and the filtration of memory, that shad the way in which we perceive the world. The artist takes the starting point in subjects like time, place and history, and presents photographies, a slide show and video. The photographies are usually without people. Walls, fences, watch towers, signs, barriers and check points constitute an architecture of bordermarkers that the beholders attention is constantly drawn towards. Included in the project is a book with documentations and texts by Ulli Seegers and Doris Frohnapfel.

Karen Kiphoff / Trond Lossius STAGED SPACES
For several years Karen Kiphoff has worked with projects focusing on public and private places and their changing significance. In the work STAGED SPACES Kiphoff investigates, how monumental sculpture in urban spaces function as expressions of power and ideology. She looks towards countries like Germany, Romania and Russia, and examines how the visual rhetorics change with different conditions of power. During the last decades public spaces have lost some of their meaning. At the same time areas that were previously considered private, e.g. the home and the body, are no longer kept strictly in the private sphere. Karen Kiphoff collaborates with Trond Lossius on this installation. The two artists combine different media that reflect the erasing, the overwriting and the overlapping between the private and the public spheres.

Dan Mihaltianu DIVIDED
Dan Mihaltianus work DIVIDED is a visual testing of parallel versions of reality and different points of view in a divided world. Mihaltianu makes use of divisions like public/ private, masculine/ feminine etc, as points of departure. How we divide the world and how we define borders are key points in his art. Definition and division are not only sources of conflict. The attraction that arises from opposites is also an important dimension in Mihaltianu´s work. His project consists of a multichanneled video and sound installation.

Jeremy Welsh exhibits MOVING TOWARD / DRAWING BACK / PASSING THROUGH / EACH MOMENT IN TIME A POINT IN SPACE. This is an installation consisting of video projection, sound and photographies. The lead motive in Welsh´s work is physical and virituel architecture. Anonymous people move through real urban spaces, as well as constructed media spaces. The project thematizes the artist as a “witness of reality” and explores the eye´s and the image´s role in a society consumed by media.
Images of cities from all over the world are collected and edited in the form of video and photography. These images form a kind of database that in turn constitutes a virtual world city. Elements of these cities mix and make up new hybrides.

Doris Fronapfel lives and works in Cologne. Karen Kiphoff lives and works in Bergen and Berlin. Dan Mihaltianu lives and works in Berlin, Bucharest and Bergen. And Jeremy Welsh lives and works in Bergen. Each of these four artists have exhibited internationally since the 1980´s. Tracing Space is their first exhibition together.

The project Tracing Space has received financial support from Bergen Kunsthøgskole and Norsk Kulturråd.

Date: 25. november – 20 desember 2005

Artists: Doris Frohnapfel, Karen Kipphoff & Trond Lossius, Dan Mihaltianu & Jeremy Welsh