Although one can track a characteristic aesthetics in his works where ambiguous landscapes and objects refers to an utopia of fantasy.
Impulses from cartoons, science fiction, film, computer games, Japanese animation, insects and tattoos is materialised in paintings, installations and performances. Tor-Magnus Lundebys early works refers to a naive colourful aesthetics inspired by biomechanical elements.

Among popular culture, music and especially electronica-pop and techno must be counted as the main influence to Tor-Magnus Lundebys works. His alter ego DJ Loony functions as a visual DJ in his exhibitions inviting to concerts in different galleries.
Since 2002 Lundeby has presented several works trough his bungalow project, making installations and sculptures inspired by musicians in towns like Barcelona, London and Oslo.

For the exhibition in Gallery No.5 Lundeby has produced a series of paintings combined with a new bungalow work, called 8 Bungalow Street: Annie, dedicated to the Norwegian pop artist Annie.

Tor-Magnus Lundeby (1966) lives and works in Helsinki.

Tor-Magnus Lundeby works within different medias changing rapidly both style and sources of inspiration.