As a member of the Bergen based artist group LYN in the seventies he drew impulses from pop and concept art in England and the USA. Rønning is one of the few in Norway who has consistently worked in Pop-arts language and concept. Humour and references to mass culture are combined with serious undertones and discussion of current affairs.
Bergen Kunsthall wish to show these works to highlight an artistic style which, to a great extent can be traced to contemporary artwork.
In more recent years younger artists work has born a distinct, conscious connection to the visual production methods of the 70’s, in both painting and artwork in general.

The works shown in this exhibition are photo based screen-prints, produced between 1972 and 1982. Some of the pictures are more or less pure photography, to which Rønning has simply added colour. In other work the original photo is almost obliterated by the colour layer and its treatment.

Svein Rønning (born 1946) lives and works in Bergen and was educated at the Bergen Arts and Craft School and the Arts Academy in Warsaw. Since the early seventies he has been an important influence and has played an significant role in Norwegian arts politics.

In Galleri No.5 Bergen Kunsthall presents a selection of Svein Rønnings first printed works.