The exhibition consists of large photographies, with scenes taken from well-known American films, such as The Shining, Psycho and Reservoir Dogs. The characteristic interior scenes have been reconstructed in the video game Unreal Tournament by using stills from the films.

The pictures contain no violence, and are presented as aesthetic depictions of the rooms. However, the atmosphere is filled with fear, because the beholder automatically makes the connection between the interiors and the violence associated with the films. In this way the violent scenes, which are part of our collective memory are triggered by the encounter of these images.
The series Evil Interiors gives an impression of the psycological dimension of violence used in entertainment. What does the incessant focus on violence do with our expectations, or the way we percieve and remember different occurences? How is fear produced through the media?

Palle Torsson (1970) is born in Stockholm. Since 1996 he has worked with different projects where he has used 3D-animations and computer games. In a large portion of his works, Torsson directs our attention to the aesthetics of violence by the use of different media.

In occasion of the exhibition Game Dump, Bergen Kunsthall presents Palle Torsson series Evil Interiors in Gallery NO.5.