Welcome to the Mylder 2023 exhibition! For two weeks, 18 school classes with a total of 430 children participated in a project with Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang, Elise Petersen, and Hilde Marie Pedersen. Sara is an artist, and in the workshop part, she has focused on materials related to heat and energy, namely firewood bags: “In Mylder, we use the firewood bags as a starting point for new weavings, where we braid, bend, tie, and attach materials together to create new constructions and images. In this way, we work with heat and energy, textile culture, and reuse, resulting in an exhibition with this year’s Mylder art.” The exhibition is open Saturday, 6 May– Sunday, 7 May, from 11:00 to 15:00. Free admission and refreshments, including soda and pretzel sticks. Welcome!

Free entrance