In-Between - Charlotte Thiis-Evensen

The central focus will nevertheless be the activities on the second floor of the building. At present this area consists of office premises rented out to the Norwegian Labour Inspec¬tion Authority, an organization that normally has few points of contact with the art institution.

Thiis-Evensen has an educational background in comparative literature and has worked as a journalist. In a number of art projects she has explored the relationship between artistic content and journalistic form. Close encounters with people and perso¬nal life stories have been a common factor in many of her video works and installations. The intimate, or the relationship between the private and the public sphere, was also the basis of a series of projects she mounted in her own home in the spring of 2009. The artist’s own private spaces were opened up and turned into a venue for meetings among performance artists, musicians and a small, specially invited audience. At Bergen Kunsthall she will deploy both these approaches. Two performance artists have been invited into the semi-public sphere constituted by the Labour Inspection office land¬scape, while Kunsthallen’s visitors will meet the people in the institution through portrait photographs and interviews.

As contributors to the project Charlotte Thiis-Evensen has invited the photo¬grapher Martin Skulstad, the performance artist Tori Wrånes, and the musician and visual artist Kyrre Bjørkås.

For the In-between series Bergen Kunsthall is inviting artists to make use of parts of the building that are not normally associated with exhibition activities (empty rooms, passa¬ges, facades, exteriors or outdoor spaces), or to explore Kunsthallen’s institutional and organizational structures in other ways.

Charlotte Thiis-Evensen moves into and ‘in between’ Bergen Kunsthall’s physi¬cal and structural framework in several ways. The exhibition will take place in one of Kunsthallen’s halls in an ‘in-between period’, at the same time as the mounting of a new exhibition is in progress. She will also make use of parts of the building’s facade.