The twin brothers Gert & Uwe Tobias from Romania have their roots in the myth-laden region of Transylvania. This background is reflected in their work, which often focuses on the themes of cultural identity and geographical origin.

After relocating to Germany from Romania during the communist rule of Ceausescu, the twin brothers became aware of the mythology in western popular culture that relates to their home place. This has been a shaping influence on their art production, which often refers to Rumanian folklore and traditions.

For the exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall, Gert & Uwe will present a selection of large-sized woodcuts – their preferred medium. The woodcuts are all made collaboratively, making it impossible to single out their different identities as artists. Their work create a consistent and unique visual universe, with a recurring cast of characters ranging from spectral to comic figures, as well as references to both modernist abstract art and decorative patterns inspired by folk art.

Bergen Kunsthall is pleased to present the exhibition Utstillingsplakater by Gert & Uwe Tobias in Gallery No.5