Works by Dröscher “attempt by every conceivable means to seduce the public into believing they are reality’ (…)”. The viewer is drawn into a dream-like and quibbling, fictitious borderland where the dividing line between the real and the fictive is no longer obvious. By staging and reworking the motifs, colours and forms with direct references to “reality” force the viewer’s gaze to oscillate between that which is recognizable and that which alienates. In this way it is made apparent how art can contribute to reveal and veil our understanding of what is real. To a large extent, Dröscher’s visual rhetoric is characterised by his ability to make wonderment into a beautiful universe all its own, which the public is seduced into participating in and meditating over.

Benny Dröscher (1971) lives and works in Copenhagen. In recent years he has had one man exhibitions at BlindArte contemporanea, Naples/I (2008), Mogadishni Gallery, Copenhagen/DK (2007), Rokeby, London/GB (2007) and Gallery Fiebach & Minninger, Cologne/D (2006). His work has been bought by a number of public art institutions, including Malmø Konstmuseum; Arken Museet for Moderne Kunst and the Danish National Gallery in Copenhagen. Dröscher’s work is represented in private collections throughout Europe.

Benny Dröscher is highly acclaimed for his imaginative sculptures and paintings which present a distinctive, forceful expression, and which actively explore central questions concerning the different representational forms of art in an encounter with different understandings of reality. “Blissfully still” is made up of a completely new series of paintings which pursue this theme.