Gry Rustad & Timotheus Vermeulen

On the occasion of Martine Syms’ exhibition ‘SHE MAD: Season One’, film and TV scholars Timotheus Vermeulen and Gry Rustad will be in conversation about Martine Syms’ work in a Norwegian context.

Martine Syms explores how mass media shapes and frames identities and cultures. Drawing from early cinema, television, the internet, social media, and ambient footage produced by phones and surveillance, Syms addresses the ways in which representations of black identity and gender appear in the public imagination.

Plattform is Bergen Kunsthall’s series of lectures and debates with artists and prominent thinkers. This season we present talks and conversations in connection with our autumn exhibitions by Martine Syms and Sidsel Meineche Hansen.

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The talk will be held in English.

This talk is one of the events that are a part of Martine Syms’ exhibition «SHE MAD» at Bergen Kunsthall.

Free and open for all!