Toril Johannessen
Reliability Diagram MIL-J-89100

Edition, Toril Johannessen, 2024. Photo: Thor Brødreskift

Bergen Kunsthall is proud to present Toril Johannessen as the Festival Artist 2024. The Festival Exhibition is considered the most important solo presentation for a Norwegian artist in the country and has been shown each summer since 1953, in parallel to the Bergen International Festival. Toril Johannessen will present a new installation across the four main galleries of Bergen Kunsthall, including a new large-scale woven carpet made from military textiles.

Information as material is central in many of Johannessen’s projects, including through the development of her own methods and datasets, that form the basis for works. Past works have made links between historical contexts and recent technological developments, looking at how historical factors interact and shape how we perceive and create reality. Her approach highlights the relationship between art, knowledge production and technology, giving visibility to social structures and events that otherwise remain hidden or publicly inaccessible.

Toril Johannessen
Reliability Diagram MIL-J-89100, 2024
Dimensjoner (TBC)
Ed 14 + 1