Many people in our society have disabilities, impairments or other special needs, both visible and invisible. Often it is challenging or impossible to attend cultural events, mainly due to how everything around us is constructed, planned and organised. Bergen Kunsthall has ambitions to improve accessibility to our on-site and online programming. We are aware of the limits our building imposes and continually search for ways to circumvent and overcome them.

In some areas, we are constrained by the building structure, while in others, we aspire to improve. Stay tuned as we will share these plans as we progress.

We want to focus on improving the following:
→ Awareness around accessibility when we plan events, exhibitions, tours
→ Information about general accessibility on-site and online
→ Information about any specific accessibility limitation for a specific project

For any accessibility questions or feedback, please find our contact information here.

Physical accessibility
Bergen Kunsthall is in a zone of rich cultural heritage with significant antiquarian and cultural value. Due to the building’s character, it is vulnerable to facade alterations, and it is challenging to establish a universal design at the main entrance. Arrangements were therefore made for alternative entrances.

Access and navigation
The entrances with universal design are usually not open, and you must contact our reception upon arrival to gain access. Use the bell on the left side of the main entrance at the end of the staircase. To get to the bell from the street level, you will find a dropped kerb between the green light pole and the white flag pole.

Due to the building’s design and structure, you will receive assistance from the staff to navigate and move between the first floor and second, the different exhibition rooms and Landmark cafe.

Picture of main entrance with staircase and one door open. At the bottom of the staircase to the left there is a gray sign with doorbells and phone numbers to our reception. There is a white flag pole to the left of the stairs on the sidewalk and a dropped curb. ©Thor Brødreskift

Our main entrance with a staircase. The doorbells and phone number are at the bottom of the staircase to the left. Dropped curb to the left of the white flag pole.

Entrance to the gallery spaces, Upstairs and Landmark Café
→ Ring bell or call +47 940 15 050

Vis-a-vis Rasmus Meyers Museum, we have an entrance with access to an elevator (width 130 cm). From this entrance, you can access the gallery spaces, Upstairs (2nd floor) and the Landmark Café.