Polina Medvedeva (8–19 May)

Working on the intersection of film, audiovisual installation and live performance, Polina Medvedeva explores practices often considered “informal” or “non-conformist,” embracing the complexities through which vernacular and lived experience transcend rigid categories of inside/outside, belonging/exclusion and formality/informality. Her focus on the tactics of civil disobedience and mechanisms of self-sufficiency – improvised, passed through generations as oral histories, smuggled in through migration – speaks of the (im)possibilities of existing within while being against systems of oppression. During the period at the Live Studio, Polina will further explore the scope of storytelling formats in sound, testing the various live formats when working with live narration, self-developed sound compositions, pre-recorded soundscape, film scenes fed to a VJ software and improvisational techniques.

Part of the Open Call 2023, with the support of Kulturrådet.