Merete Røstad (30 Apr–7 May + 9–17 Sep)

Merete Røstad is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and researcher whose practice is rooted in examining collective memory research, memory work and archives. Through research and process-based projects, Røstad examines the social and political meanings of sites. She explores how people consciously and unconsciously interact with stories written in the environment and how we read the traces that the stories leave behind. Her projects investigate the potential of how spatial and temporal constructions can serve as catalysts for a more profound commitment to history, identity and memory. At the Live Studio, she will continue to work on “The Alphabet of Resilience”. The project explores embodied memory and freedom of expression in the public space, through mobilizing embodied memory and observing resilience within the embodied archives that emerge from our actions representing mobility in the public sphere. The role of resilience is beyond beliefs and cultural backgrounds; it is embedded in our core. As part of our human nature, we share these raw, confronting movements that only occur in emotionally challenging moments of distress.

With the support of Magdalena Abakanowicz Foundation and MEMORYWORK.