Carol Stampone (4–15 Dec)

At the Live Studio, artist Carol Stampone works on her performance Our tongues, hands, and hearts: when we gossip to keep moving. The work period embraces an embodied research of processing, moving, talking, reading and writing as well as a “café da tarde” (afternoon cafe) with invited collaborators. Departing from various sites of speech, they will gossip about their encounters and mis-encounters in this society and to reflect together on empathy and translation; share stories and traces of real-life episodes they perceived as discrimination. Carol Stampone will be joined by artist and activist Joakim Eide as a key collaborator, who is also committed to building bridges between intersectional struggles. Carol Stampone is a writer, storyteller, performance artist, philosopher, and mediator based in Bergen.

Part of the Open Call 2023, with the support of Kulturrådet.

Photo: Paulina Tamara