The artist plays with our perception of photography as a “witness of truth” and at the same time thematezise the control she holds over her subjects. In contrast to earlier projects, where Fjellheim has photographed unknowing individuals, this exhibition takes its starting point in the moment when the subject becomes aware of the photographer. In the tenth of a second before the subjects have been able to adapt to the situation their reactions span from surprise, irritation, indifference and cheerfulness. The artist examines how the subjects perceive her, the observer. From being a distanced observer in control of the situation, Fjelheim is observed by her subjects. Looking at her work we are confronted with the subjects eye. At the same time the artist gets the last word in, as she decides how the eyes are being presented. Fjellheims work also deals with meetings. Each day we exchange glances with bypassers on the streets. She documents these swift meetings, that we usually forget the minute we pass the other by.

Vigdis Fjellheim (1976) lives and works in Berlin.

Vigdis Fjellheim has worked with snapshot photographies of people for several years. Randomly selected people are cut out of their original environment and placed in new contexts.