Tomorrows´s Parties

KHiB makes difference and diversity among the students a priority of the master programme. Each student has developed a major artistic project over a two year period, and in this exhibition we can see the result of their work. In conjunction with the exhibition, a two day seminar will be held on the 25th and 26th of April.

Kari Borge Bengtson
Hanna Boyesen
Yamile Calderon
Elisabeth Emmerhoff
Bodil Gerber
Pedro Gómez-Egaña
Sam Iravanian
Toril Johannessen
Vik Chung Wing Lai
Veronica Lindblad
Anna Christina Lorenzen
Kjersti Lunde
Silke Rokitta
Marte Røed
Vilde Salhus Røed
Stefan Törner
Reidun Vinningland

17 newly qualified artists show their work in Bergen Kunsthall. In their exploration of different themes, and in the various questions they pose, the students make use of a number of mediums.