The Mosquito and the Ruler

The exhibitors are:
Mattias Arvastsson, Anne Marthe Dyvi, Elin Eriksson, Hilde Frantzen, Jeanett Ann Goodwin, Camilla Haukedal, Hanne Grieg Hermansen, Nina Bang Larsen, Chloe Lewis, Elida Brenna Linge, Ida Lønset, Karén Nikgol, Julie Lillelien Porter, Richardo del Pozo, Torgrim Wahl Sund, Anngjerd Rustand, Semund Svelle, Andrew Taggart, Anja Ulset, Kristin Velle og Gøril Wallin.

This year’s graduating MA students work across a broad range of media including video, film, textile, painting, sound, drawing, performance, installation, photography and sculpture. The annual MA exhibition provides the public with an edgy introduction to what is happening on the young contemporary art scene.

The 21 graduating artists will show works that represent a diverse range of approaches, themes and subjects. Individual works touch on themes of terror, science, mysticism, perception, the unconscious, catastrophe, control, coincidence, physicality, mythology, rites of passage, knowledge and power, alienation, inner and outer landscapes.

MA graduate seminar “Unfathomable” at Café Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, 26th. and 27th. April “It’s all space. It’s hardly possible to imagine something nonspatial. It’s hardly possible to imagine time without space. Perhaps there is no escape. But things do not need to be nonspatial to be unfathomable, that is, too deep to measure in fathoms. It’s sufficient that it’s far away or too close, very big or extremely small, that it causes you to think about things that make you feel dizzy—or to forget about those very same things. We were thinking we would like to take a closer look at some of that space—or that quality in space—which isn’t easily subdued to measuring, description, understanding. It’s still possible to approach and experience it. For example we’re planning to go on an expedition to the top of a mountain to listen to a man playing a concert with sounds originating from inside his own ears.”

Guest lectures by Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), Lindsay Seers (GB), Dyveke Sanne (NO), Anke Bangma (NL) and Agnes Nedregård (NO).
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MA Fine Art Exhibition 2010