The MA Exhibition 2024: this is personal

Artists: Ylva Teigen Aas, Anine Aasen, Souf Alon, Susanna Antonsson, Ali Reza Ashoori, Karl Bird, Trude Bredholt, Marius Eid, Jonas Erboe, Katinka Halland, River Hongjie He, alphie hubbard, Arild Horvei Instanes, Pooyan Jalilvand, Pouria Kazemi, Ebba Kruse, Per-Erik Larsen, Moana Le Meur, Miriam Levi, Madelen Isa Lindgren, Rui Liu, Chloé Malloggi, Sara Cecilie Miran, Sebastian Jensen Mølsted, Masja Katrina Modrow Nødtvedt, Claudia Olsen, Oda Skaathun, Nora Martine Hjelle Strand, Andreas Aicka Thomsen, Ingeborg Tysse, Morten Underbjerg, Frida Agerhus Vikström

Bergen Kunsthall and The Art Academy at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD), University of Bergen is pleased to invite you to the Master of Fine Art Graduation Exhibition 2024 at Bergen Kunsthall.

The opening night features performances by Souf Alon, Frida Agerhus Vikström, Andreas Aicka Thomsen, Moana Le Meur, and alphie hubbard. For the full performance schedule and more info, visit

this is personal

this is collective
this is political
this is public

this is negotiation

this is two years of sharing, growing, learning,
building up a practice held in conversation
this is a sentence to read
a language I don’t speak

this is thirty two artists unfolding together
a community that spans walls, crosses borders, loops through time

this is the final year of free tuition for all
this is not an art fair
           this is an attempt

this is hanging from the ceiling, hanging on the walls,
hanging from the floors

floors that can’t be damaged,
and blank walls made messy

this is leaking in the space
this is slippery
don’t step on it (this is soft on our feet)
this is something to touch, something you cannot
this is sound, smell, senses
a beckoning

this is electricity and cables
paper, metal, pigment, wood, clay
linen, cotton, canvas
this is carpet on the wall and water on the floor
matter out of place

this is a tipping point
this is an exit
an end of something as it was
this is an entrance
this is the beginning.


Exhibition team – staff

Michael Stumpf
Guest Artistic Direction

Chloe Lewis
Course Leader: Art Practice 4 – Master Project

Andreas Dyrdal

Josephine Van De Walle
MA Coordinator

Gard Frantzsen

Liv Heidi Ekre
Student Advisor

Jukka Tuominen
Exam Coordinator

Katrine Hjelde
Head of Department

Exhibition team – students

Mediation / Exhibition text: Susanna Antonsson, alphie hubbard, Moana Le Meur, Chloé Malloggi, Sebastian Jensen Mølsted, Oda Skaathun

Visual Identity: Marius Eid, River Hongjie He, Pouria Kazemi, Per-Erik Larsen, Rui Liu, Sara Cecilie Miran, Ingeborg Tysse,

Social Media: Ylva Teigen Aas, Anine Aasen, Souf Alon, Trude Bredholt, Katinka Halland, Ebba Kruse, Miriam Levi, Masja Katrina Modrow Nødtvedt, Nora Martine Hjelle Strand, Morten Underbjerg

Opening Reception: Ali Reza Ashoori, Karl Bird, Jonas Erboe, Arild Horvei Instanes, Andreas Aicka Thomsen, Frida Agerhus Vikström

Members preview

Exhibition opening

Opening performance programme

Souf Alon: Embodiment
Performance, Gallery II

Frida Agerhus Vikström: Soaker
Performance, throughout Bergen Kunsthall

Andreas Aicka Thomsen: You are alive by all that grows
A/V Presentation, Landmark

Moana Le Meur: Dacia Thong Jewellery
Performance, Gallery I

alphie hubbard: untitled (man made)
Performance, Landmark

Opening party at Landmark Bergen

Speeches by Axel Wieder (Director, Bergen Kunsthall), Michael Stumpf (Artistic Direction for the exhibition), Katrine Hjelde (Head of Department, The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art, KMD) and Chloe Lewis (Co-Head of Education,The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art, KMD)

DJs: Karl Bird, våd hund, Angels in a Hurry