David Augusto Alomia
Kwestan Bawan
Tua Broms
Lisa Him_jensen
Ragnhild Johansen
Sarah Jost
Susanna Elisabeth Kajermo
Lars Korff Lofthus
Maria Lojo
Cato Løland
Knud Young Lunde
Katrine Meisfjord
Mia Øquist
Jet Pascua
Ane Sagatun
Marthe Kristin Samuelsen
Alette Schei Rørvik
Sindre Foss Skancke
Karen Skog
Jørgen Alexander Stav
Birger Åseson Storaas
Torgrim Wahl Sund
Elisabeth Maria Thun
Kirsti Van Hoegee

For the fourth time the candidates for the master’s degree at Kunsthøyskolen i Bergen (the Bergen College of Art) are taking over Bergen Kunsthall to show the public the results of the two-year MA course in art. This year’s group consists of 24 individual students who together represent a wide range of contemporary art. Thematically, their projects are about subjects like individual or cultural identity; time, place and space; the relationship between language and image; gender politics; dialogue between the material and the conceptual; the role of the artist in a complex and diverse globalized society; or art as an arena for the expression of what lies beyond the power of language. Over a two-year period these artists have worked both alone and together in an investigation of what art can be today, for them and for us as the public. The exhibition, the catalogue and a related seminar will together paint a picture of the themes, issues and possibilities that have motivated the MA students. The MA Exhibition is and will continue to be a pointer to what we will be seeing in the near future of contemporary art.

Prof. Jeremy Welsh
MA Coordinator, KHIB

17th April – 1st May