Festival Exhibition 2007 Børre Sæthre

Sæthre creates immersive environments, in which the audience physically enters a world as active participants. He has specialized in large scale installations, using every possible means to create the total experience. Working almost like a movie director, Sæthre creates stories, individually experienced by each visitor, without any clear cut answers or solutions. His intricate stories grow out of unexpected encounters between opposing elements. By using anything – living people, stuffed animals, furniture, lighting, music, sound, video – he creates enclosed worlds whose energy bears the stamp of bad dreams and relaxing luxury. In the 2007 Bergen International Festival Exhibition he presents new works created specifically for the exhibition rooms of Bergen Kunsthall, using film, sculpture and installations. Børre Sæthre lives and works in Oslo and New York.

It is a great pleasure for Bergen Kunsthall to present Børre Sæthre as this year’s Festival Exhibitor. Sæthre has since the late 90s gained international recognition for his spectacular installations.