Specific places from the 1960s and 70s radical and utopian history of architecture are revived in his work as new meeting places, where among other things the experiences of younger generations with the past’s monumental cultural monuments are recreated and questioned within the horizon of the future. Issues concerning collective memory and identity are thoroughly scrutinized and reinterpreted point for point. Within this complex and continually shifting universe Maljkovic creates a captivating breathing space – an aesthetic experience where the future’s nostalgic look at the past is set aside in favour of the experience of sudden moments filled with a liberating and clear sighted present.

David Maljkovic’s work in recent years has been connected to two main projects: The trilogy ‘Scenes for a New Heritage 1-3’ (2002-6) and ‘These Days’ (2005). He lives and works in Zagreb and Berlin and his work has so far, among other places, been shown at Annet Gelink Gallery, Stedeliijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Henry Art Gallery, Washington, the 5th Berlin Biennial, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London and Kunstverein Hamburg.

Maljkovic (1973) was born and grew up in Croatia – a background that is reflected in his videos, as well as in his carefully executed collages, drawings and photographs. Maljkovic deals with the Croatian landscape of memory.