Plattform: Sara R. Yazdani
Ice, Video Sensibility, and the Weather

Landmark events oktober 2021 © Bergen Kunsthall
Landmark events oktober 2021 © Bergen Kunsthall

In this talk Sara R. Yazdani will discuss the various types of environments and sensibilities as found in the works of Susan Schuppli. The talk is in connection with the autumn exhibition “The Ocean”
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In Schuppli’s recent works, video and sound technologies create visual effects and dynamic operations that seem to be related to technical, natural, and material realities. As well as nonhuman capacities to sense and partake in environments in ways that provoke a different scenario of ice, the ocean, and the changing weather of Arctic. Yazdani points to how Schuppli’s art allows us to discuss what is at stake for environmental thoughts and scientific inquiry. When video and sound technologies produce not representations of the world but processes and parallel ecologies that complicate prevailing ideas of sensation, knowledge, and mediations of ice and the ocean.

Sara R. Yazdani is an associate professor of art history and art theory at the Department of Art and Craft at KHiO and research associate in the excellence cluster Matters of Activity at Humboldt University, Berlin. Her work is published in Art Journal, Afterimage, Art & Education, Mousse, and a number of anthologies and catalogues on contemporary art. She is currently working on her first monograph on the work of Wolfgang Tillmans and the reemergence of an ecological, processual approach to visual art, with the working title Self-Sufficiency. Art, Technologies, and Other Ecologies
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The talk will be held in English.
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This talk is one of the events that are a part of the exhibition «The Ocean» at Bergen Kunsthall. On view 28. August — 31. October 2021