Trailer: Martin Beck, Last Night (2016)

Martin Beck, Last Night, 2016.
HD video, color, sound, trailer. Original length 13 hours 29 minutes

The 13-and-half-hour-long film version of Last Night (2016) consists of 118 songs, organized in the order they were played at the New York dance party The Loft on 2 June 1984. Since 1970 David Mancuso had been hosting weekly parties in his own home, first at 647 Broadway and later at 99 Prince Street. Filmed in a series of lock shots of a record player where each song is played in its entirety. Each new song is presented from a new camera angle. A total of ten different camera angles are repeated in a pattern based on the Golden Ratio. A hypnotic focus on the slowly moving pickup across the rotating vinyl record emphasizes the physical reproduction of the music.

24. Januar 2018