Richard Tuttle in conversation with Barbara Dawson

Barbara Dawson is director of Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. She is the author and editor of several books and texts on modern and contemporary art including Turner’s Watercolours at the National Gallery of Ireland ; Hugh Lane Founder of a Gallery of Modern Art for Ireland; Francis Bacon’s Studio; Trace Elements Francis Bacon Palazzo Reale, ; Barry Flanagan:; Hidden Islands Brian Maguire and The Spade and The Soufflé Richard Tuttle . She has curated several exhibitions including Barry Flanagan on O’Connell Street (2007); Julian Opie Walking on O’Connell Street(2008); Hugh Lane 100 Years (2008), Francis Bacon – A Terrible Beauty (with Martin Harrison ) (2009), Richard Tuttle Triumphs (with Michael Dempsey) (2010) and Civil Rights Etc by Rita Donagh and the late Richard Hamilton (2011) and Francis Bacon e la condizione existenziale nell’arte contemporanea (with Franziska Nori) CCC Strozzina 2012. She secured the donation of Francis Bacon’s Studio and contents for Dublin in 1998 from the artist’s heir John Edwards supported by the executor of the Estate Brian Clarke. The relocated studio opened to the public in 2001.