Rebecca Tamás Reading from 'Witch'

In response to a limitation in their live program capabilities in 2020, Bergen Kunsthall has produced a new series of recorded talks and readings with local and international artists and writers, developing a dialogue surrounding their exhibition program and exploring practices of local artists which they will be presenting to wider online audiences.

This new series utilises the input of artists and writers to initiate dialogues in connection with their current exhibition program and expands upon themes socially and politically relevant within their own studio practices. Artists invited in the series include Annette Kierulf, Kobie Nel, Elsebet Rahlff and Maia Urstad with three readings provided by Lisa Robertson, Elvia Wilk and Rebecca Tamás.

Reading from her first full length collection of poetry, ‘WITCH’, Rebecca Tamás reacts to the work of Bergen-based artist Kobie Nel and elaborates on the notion of gossip as feminist strategy within her own writing. Tamás’ is the editor, with Sarah Shin, of ‘Spells: Occult Poetry for the 21st Century’, published by Ignota Books. She is a former winner of the Manchester Poetry Prize, and the recipient of a Fenton Arts Trust Early Career Residency. Rebecca currently works as a Lecturer in Creative Writing at York St John University, where she co-convenes The York Centre for Writing Poetry Series.

– Text from Re-imagine Europe

Photo Lisa Robertson, Weeds: For the Natufians