Henna Nerg & Sangria Valentino (19. feb—1. mar 2024)

At the Live Studio, Bergen-based artists Sangria Valentino and Henna Nerg work on their collaborative project The Coven (working title), which evolves around Bergen’s history of witchcraft and witch hunts. The project can be seen as a queer spell, which reclaims space and stories of oppressed hi(her)stories with the aim to purify, release and evoke the energies which have been silenced for so long. They will weave these stories of the past to coexist with the contemporary experience of queer bodies. Intellectually and bodily, they investigate bodies and aesthetics that are considered monstrous, subject to demonisation and can be considered as practising witchcraft. In their practice, the artists blur reality/documentation with fiction, transcending timelines and thus blending current othered bodies with those from history: The act of researching becomes the performative, and their bodies in drag become the research.

Otherness, care and queerness are central for their collaborative work. Henna Nerg and Sangria Valentino have worked together in the drag performance group Vampy Villains and are part of the queer activist artist collective Wild Thingz.

Part of the Open Call 2024