Bergen Improstorband

Det blir fokus på rytme og perkusjon når Bergen ImproStorband lar seg lede av den canadiske perkusjonisten Francois Taillefer på Landmark tirsdag 1 oktober. Det blir batucadatrommer og sabartrommer og elektriske trommer og hjemmelagde trommer osv, ..krem for trommehinnene med andre ord.

Dørene åpner kl 21.00
Konsertstart kl 22.00
Cover kr 50,-

Francois Taillefer
For over twenty years, François Taillefer has been passionate for music and percussion from around the world and different eras. His interest for Modern, World, Folk and Experimental music was discovered through his numerous trips and musical experiences. He has attended various percussion workshops in different countries such as Spain, France, Peru, Tunisia, Niger and the US. Multiple grant holder from the CALQ and the CCA, François has obtained in 2010 the “Competence & Talent” card from the French government. He now lives in Lille, creating new artistical projects and collaborations, attempting also to build bridges between France and Canada. François is a curious and open minded musician who never hesitates to explore intriguing ideas and new frontiers.

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