Perfect Sounds Forever
Ora Cogan (CA)

Foto av Paloma Ruiz

Ora Cogan’s smoky, psychedelic approach to gothic country merges with post-punk, psych-rock, and traditional balladry. She is known for her singular voice and cinematic compositions. She has collaborated with a multitude of artists while touring extensively throughout Europe and North America, sharing the stage with the likes of Grouper and Mazzy Star. Her new album, Formless, came out to critical acclaim in 2023.

“Powerful… a psych-folk droplet of blood blooming in a pool of water” Paste Magazine

“Over the years, Cogan has steadily crafted a gothic and cinematic approach to alt-country and folk. Her latest string of albums have walked a careful line between shadowed folk intimacy and fractured sonic confessionals, bringing a hazy psychedelic edge tinged with a myriad of influences.” Under The Radar

“Spent many nights listening to this captivating music.” – Hope Sandoval, Mazzy Star

“She and her band entwine the melody with modal guitar curlicues and distant vocals, yet somehow she sounds more alone than ever.” New York Times

“Ora Cogan draws from a wide web of influence, but she truly sounds like no other.” – CLASH Magazine

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