Ispoti & Yanos: Let Loose And Dance

WELCOME back to yet another edition of Ispoti and Yanos. It’s about time we LET LOOSE AND DANCE! And as always, THE BUCKET DJz gat you!

Expect a very special guest DJ from Oslo, coming to stir things up in the Ispoti and Yanos pot with her sauce! Nancy Blaze, also known as DJ SAUCE, is an Oslo-based Hip-Hop dancer and DJ born in Equatorial Guinea, raised in Madrid, and has lived in Oslo since childhood. She mixes Afrohouse, Kuduro, and Brazilian funk and has played around the capital, collaborating with international DJs from the UK and around the globe! Expect fire on the dance floor!

And ofcos! You must have heard or met DJ QTY! She is one of the most known female DJs in Bergen and has played in several places in Norway, like Bergen, Haugesund, Oslo, and Tromsø, among others. Qty plays almost everything, but this time around, let’s focus on Dancehall. Just wear your favourite shoes.

Last but not least, THE BUCKET DJZ!

Represented by DJ EL PATRICKO and DJ DA GIFT, those who have been lucky to see them perform know! It’s guaranteed vibes on vibes, and you don’t wanna miss it!

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Let’s let loose and dance!

Doors open: 23:00
ID: 20
Pris: 100,-