Drastic Social Bergen 23 Showcase

What to expect at Drastic Social Bergen 23 Showcase

“Mid-autumn festival” is around the corner. Bertha Chan treats the early birds attending the talk to festive delicacies with a Norwegian Twist — her infamous Brunost Mochi dumplings and mooncakes to start the evening, and we will have a dialogue between Anine Båten and Bertha Chan, introducing to our community Anine’s project, “Female Minority Voices”.

Carmilly Yueng, a Hong Kong born visual artist, will present
“egg soup”

In many languages, people often use the word “egg” to refer to chicken eggs, and the acknowledgement of eggs of other kinds is overshadowed. Meanwhile, people also have expectations of what food should be like. To challenge concepts like these, Carmilly made an edible sculpture, “egg soup”, with egg yolks shaped like frogs.
The artwork “egg soup” tasting will be presented to our hosts and people who signed up for the activity at the event.
Later in the evening, Carmilly will present her second artwork, an installation.

Doors are a medium to connect/separate spaces and carry symbolic meanings in various cultures. Carmilly always had a fascination with the ritual of door knocking, which represents an act of seeking permission. The interactions after the knock also reveal an interesting dynamic between the door knocker and those behind the door.

After the first hour of warming up, getting to know each other and settling into the space, it’s time to move our bodies with positive house and sticky Arabic tunes by Amalie Sadoni at 2200 to ease into the night of music performances. Amalie Sadoni is a DJ and a yoga teacher who grew up in Bergen. She likes mixing bass-heavy house, techno and acid with electronic folk music from the Middle East and India in her sets. Amalie debuted her DJ performance at Vestre in August 2023 and is a member of Vers Libre Radio

At 2300, Sam Mountain, musician and music producer, performs her original music from her latest EP which will be released on the 22nd September.

Followed by Superslut, our beloved electronic visual and sound art genie, with his electrified performance gracing Bergen Kunsthall again.

At our final hours, deep into the night, Sam Mountain will be coming back for a DJ set with her beloved melodic techno music mix, followed by Lars, music show host “Femøren” from Vers Libre Radio, who will immerse the space with trance music as the finale of our showcase 2023.


Dørene åpner: 21:00
CC: 80,-