After School Special
Fra After School Special 5. desember 2021

After School Special er en arrangementsplattform som har blitt arrangert på Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, siden 2012. For tiden kurateres og produseres After School Special av Torleif Bay, Sara Linberg and Sigrid Lerche.

After School Special is an event platform hosted at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall since 2012, it is currently curated and produced by Torleif Bay, Sara Linberg and Sigrid Lerche.

After School Special presents ONCE MORE WITH MORE FEELING.
- Karaoke and performance night the 13th of April!
Spring is here!! It is time to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of winter – so come pour your heart out, serenade a new flirt or yourself!

Before karaoke

Featured artists are:
The Vampy Villains
Moana Le Meur
Jacob Hendrickson

Come dance, come and sing, come celebrate spring ❤
- come support the artists and your local After School Special cuties.
C U !

Moana Le Meur she/they
Moana works mainly with text and textile with usually a performative aspect.
They talk about shelters, rituals and care. For the event Moana will create a scenography about the reactions of children when put on a stage and about us, the karaoke performers, who are going back into that emotional state. She uses the iconography of the child play and end-of-school festivities. Wood frame, cardboard, hand-dyed viscose, diverse textiles.

The Vampy Villains
The Vampy Villains is a performance-based queer drag gang consisting of the four Bergen-based artists Sangría Valentino (he/him/they/them — b. Denmark) AKA The Geriel, Courtney Coombs (they/them — b. Australia) AKA Mr. Nina Turner, Henna Nerg (she/her/they/them — b. Finland) AKA Power PrinceXXX, and Dominique Nachi (he/him — b. Japan) AKA Winnie the Pole Dancer. All currently in their final year of the Master of Fine Arts and graduating together from the art academy in Bergen this Spring, the gang in their performances explores queer childhood and adolescence, and reappropriates the monstrous discourses of the queer body through camp aesthetics existing somewhere between Disney, horror and pop culture. As a group The Vampy Villains are interested in the medium of performance as a potential site for and of queer care, love, safety and joy.

Jacob Hendrickson he/him
“Karaoke can be considered a silly form of entertainment, a way to pass a Friday evening at the bar with friends. But the actual form of art offers a myriad of possibilities in the performance arts which I think are worth exploring. “Karaoke”, which translated from Japanese means “empty orchestra”, offers a freedom from the difficulty of performing with a band and allows the performer to emphasize other aspects of a “live show”. Certainly karaoke can be dismissed by musical acts as hackey, and this is most often the case. But at the same time, music is a Dionysian or temporal art form, and so has to be repeated in time to exist. Adding video to the performance offers a Platonic aspect. I am not saying that karaoke could approach Wagner, but in karaoke I believe there is the possibility of combing the visual and musical arts in a way that is only limited by the imagination.”

Dørene åpner: 21:00
Billetter: 50,-