Klubb Signal
Quell (live) // Snorre Magnar Solberg // Said Warya

Klubb Signal is a concept that happens monthly at Bergen Kunsthall, with live performances and club nights.

Quell (live)
Snorre Magnar Solberg
Said Warya

Quell (AUS) is a producer and sound artist using hardware electronics and found sounds to make noise, club and body musics. In 2021, Quell released their EP Endless, with Dero Arcade. It is a loose exploration of a personal acquaintance with a man who did violence for money, and the events that occurred over that time. The result is a blend of industrial clatter, synthetic ambience and angular rhythms. They have since taken these elements and defaced them further. Having churned through contrasting intensities in clubs, punk shows and raves around so-called ‘Australia,’ they are now to take their live sets to European floors.

Deejaye Tornado dè Åsane aka Snorre Magnar Solberg is an artist & technopunk from Bergen who runs Club No-No (e.2013), a record label, event series and production project. As a no-compromise DJ & Producer, his style ranges from tribal, techno, acid, jungle & house to Ambient & true transcendental trance, mind bending rhythms & textures, or to quote Resident advisor “vivid, hypnotic and impressively banging, if in their own dark and woozy way.”
In addition to releasing his own music & collaborations on Club No-No, he has also released on Berlin labels SUED records, Grafiti Tapes & Norwegian imprint Sex Tags Amfibia.

VJ Lamamama uses her own mixed media material to make unique, interactive and audio reactive live images. She has been performing with big Danish and international artists in festivals and concert venues in Scandinavia.
Selected references: Roskilde Festival 2022, metha.morph 2022, Flash light Biennale, Helsinki 2021. Facory Light festival, Asker 2021, Ars Electonica Festival, Linz 2020, Redbull Music festival, Oslo 2019, Carpark Festival, Copenhagen 2018, Plug Out festival, Vejle 2017 etc.

Said Warya is a dj/producer and is a regular at Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark with the club & experiment project Klubb Signal. Said has developed a trademark style that couples razor-sharp technical skills with an eclectic but interconnected approach to the raw, weighty and mind-altering music he mixes. Depending on the venue, event and vibe, Said might race through angular acid, loose-limbed classic electro and hard hitting breaks.

Dørene åpner: 22:00
CC: 120,-

Aldersgrense: 20

De som er under 20 kan oppleve konserten gjennom vår vergeordning.
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Quell (live)
Snorre Magnar Solberg
Said Warya
Lamamama (VJ)