Plattform: Queer Spaces?

In Bergen Kunsthall’s Plattform Talk: Queer Spaces?, Tine Semb (Karmaklubb*), Danja Burchard and Maike Statz (Dissident Publics / NOGOODS) as well as Drag artist and academic Cassie Brødskive will discuss the possibilities of entering public spaces, institutions and academia with queer practices. How can we ensure to sustainably create spaces that accommodate queer practices beyond representation?

The conversation will be moderated by Bergen Kunsthall’s live programme curator Nora-Swantje Almes. Plattform is Bergen Kunsthall’s series of lectures and debates with artists and prominent thinkers. The event will be live streamed on our website.

Plattform: Queer Spaces? takes place as part of Karmaklubb* & Friends at KODE and Bergen Kunsthall. A day and night of thought and pleasure: Karmaklubb* is back in Bergen with a full day of queerness and joy — food for body and soul, spectacular performances, all culminating in a club night. Find the entire programme here.

Established sometime around 2018, Karmaklubb* has for several years been investigating various architectures — physical as well as virtual, historical, archival — and how they can be challenged and tried out, potentially changed through a direct approach to the use and the presence of bodies in those spaces. ‘Queering the museum’ is an ongoing project (2019–) and one example of such hands-on-research, or perhaps field work, that deals directly with houses representing archives, collections, our perception of history and truth, in particular art museums. Among the ‘cases’ are the old and new Munch Museum / MUNCH, Oslo; KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes, Bergen; the National Museum of Norway, Oslo; and Preus Museum, Horten.

Danja Burchard and Maike Statz (NOGOODS) Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies is a collaborative artistic research project launching in August 2022 at ROM. This co-curation and co-creation project explores QUEER as an agent of change and the act of QUEERING as a radically inclusive approach to the making of public space. By bringing together architecture, visual arts, performance art, and activism, it aims at creating new queer narratives, methodologies, artefacts, and imaginaries of public space to break free from the overshadowing heteronormative conditioning of cities today. The project is initiated and coordinated by ROM’s Guest Curator in Residency, EXUTOIRE (Bui Quy Son and Paul-Antoine Lucas), and curated together with NOGOODS.

Cassie Brødskive aka Jens Martin Hartvedt Arvesen started their Drag career in 2013 together with the others in Princessilicious. They have initiated and had a finger in many different concepts for the queer and Drag community, mainly in Oslo and Innlandet. Current editions of collaborations for queer artistic infrastructure and accessibility of the arts include, but is not limited to, Karmaklubb*, Oslo Drag Festival, Open Drag Stage, QCC — Queer Community Club, DragCore, Kunsten å dragge, and Frida Marida. They are currently teaching full-time as a Folk High School teacher at Arbeiderbevegelsens Folkehøgskole Ringsaker, at one of the world’s first Drag courses. Jens Martin has a Master’s degree in Dance from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). Cassie Brødskive likes to wear nice clothes, comfortable shoes, pretty makeup, big piercings, and crazy hair.