Knowing We Won’t Have Each Other Forever
Echoic Choir Club

Poly Chain is the project of Sasha Zakrevska – a composer, curator, DJ, designer and radio host from Kyiv, Ukraine. After school she continued in a psychedelic rock/shoegaze band named Summer God Teachings, where she began to explore the world of synthesizers. Today she is a teacher at Module Exchange and SHAPE Platform alumnus.

As Poly Chain she started to perform after having moved to Poland. Poly Chain took part in a series of Polish local parties such as Syntetyk, Brutaż, Dype, Trips for Lonely Hearted and Flauta as well as bigger and DIY-festivals: Unsound, Upper, Dym, Next Sound festival, Sanatorium Dźwięku and more. She's also composed tracks for theatre and museum performances, working with local and international dance crews. Her release on Mondoj is the first major step in her artistic path. Aiming to bring a breath of fresh air into the scene, Poly Chain carefully delivers ambient and club-ready textures with a relevant hypnotic electro imprint. Her performances for CXEMA and Unsound Festival pointed out the inner message of her sound, from a meditation perspective to a fractured condition; music is the vessel.

Echoic Choir Club is presented as part of Bergen Kunsthall’s live programme strand Knowing We Won’t Have Each Other Forever which takes queer realities and ideas of the ephemeral as its departure point. Together, we will explore the possibilities of alternative world-making, thinking through movement and live practices. The experiential, more sensory character of this art form, and its ephemerality, open up new contemporary perspectives on intersectionality.

We will play around with temporalities, alter realities, producing new takes on the present as a means of coming together and finding ways of exercising freedom. A moving target, the ever-changing idea of queerness is hard to aim at. To move, to dance, to flounder is to shake off labels – challenging viewers’ expectations and pre-assumptions of the straight linear narratives – and reshaping the overall understanding of what is considered possible.

Curated by Nora-Swantje Almes.

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Tygapaw (Live)
Fri 16 Sep
Dion Mckenzie known as TYGAPAW, is a Producer, DJ and Artist, originally from Mandeville, Jamaica, and based in Brooklyn, New York. A polymathic artist injecting their Jamaican heritage into techno, TYGAPAW operates at the intersections of their musical and cultural roots.

Eve Stainton (sound world by Mica Levi)
Sat 12 Nov
Dykegeist is a choreographic work from Manchester-born London-based artist and performance maker Eve Stainton—with a live sound world conceived by musician Mica Levi. Dykegeist unravels and complicates the archetypal narratives assigned to the lesbian predator creature. During the current of the evening, aesthetics will shift between a supernatural gothic thriller, a 90’s sci-fi spider lair, a haunted Manchester club scene, an abstract and warping horror-scape, a social situation to discuss threat/the phobic/ consent/ otherness, choreography and suspended encounters, gateways gravel grunge, emptiness and charged-ness.

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