Blow Me From The Mountains And Into The Sea
After School Special

What do you feel like when you take a walk in the woods? Or on the mountains perhaps. Does your mind stumble upon poetic fragments as you wander or are you scared of dying? Scared of climate change or falling off a cliff?

Nature surrounds us; the city between the mountains, the city that lies by the mouth of the sea. How do you think about nature? How does it influence you?

For this edition of After School Special we focus on sculpture, installation, video and sound. We are going to rethink the space and create an ambient, poetic, anthropocenic and political atmosphere, where we invite you to take a step back, look up, around and beyond at the scenery that surrounds us.

After School Special is an artist-driven collective who hosts art happenings, in the aim to bring together various artists from a multiplicity of nationalities and backgrounds; from visual arts, music, film, dance to everything in between. After School Special is striving to be an open and inclusive setting for students, emerging and established artists alike to test out, experiment and expand.
After School Special is currently run by: Gentian Rhosa, Tine Adler, Nayara Leite, Kaeto Sweeney and Tine Gunvaldsen.


Christian Aagaard Ovesen
Guttorm Glomsås
Frida Vikström
Laura Hjort
Sidsel Bonde
Emilie Wright
Fiona Filipidis
Felix Exner Lenzig
Espen Pedersen

DJ Nephrop

Doors open at 20:00
CC: 40 NOK