O (Solberg/Aas/Gismervik) // Tapage & Espoir

The acoustic free folk duo O consists of Oslo based musicians Inga Margrete Aas and Helen Louise Solberg. Their music exists in a liminal zone between songs and acoustic free form, and could be described as melted folk, with an unorthodox blend of guitar, the baroque instrument viola da gamba and voice. Collaborating frequently with other musicians, among them Swedish baroque violist Tove Bagge and fiddler Hans P. Kjorstad, they are excited to be joined by drummer Jan Martin Gismervik for their concert at Playdate. Their debut album is scheduled for release in 2020 on the Oslo label Take it Easy Policy.

Helen Louise Solberg – acoustic guitar, voice
Inga Margrete Aas – viola da gamba
Jan Martin Gismervik – drums

WEB: www.o-site.org
Foto: Natalie Sandtorv



Roald van Dillewijn (Espoir) and Tijs Ham (Tapage) have been researching the boundaries of sonic synthesis and audio manipulation for the past seven years.

During that time they have crafted their own complex set of tools and instruments with which record their extended soundscapes. Layers of noises and drones stretch out as textured infinite landscapes of wide fields and valleys overrun by soundwaves.

Tapage & Espoir have been featured on several compilation albums and a full length cassette tape release on Moving Furniture Records. Now they are coming back with a 3 cassette release on their own label ‘Crossfade Tapes’.

Freefolk to the people!
CC: 100 / 50