Mike Cooper / Stein Urheim

CC: 100,-
Free for members of Bergen Kunsthall, kr. 50,- for members of nyMusikk and Borealis Listening Club.
Doors open: 20:00
Concert start: 21:00

Influential British guitarist Mike Cooper is primarily regarded as a folk-blues guitarist and singer/songwriter, though his wide range of work cannot be so easily defined. He is also a celebrated improviser and electronic musician. In addition, he creates sound installations and radio art; he’s a videographer, journalist, and music historian; and he performs scores for silent films.

Stein Urheim composes and performs guitar-based instrumental music, where a wide variety of stringed instruments from different corners of the world meets guitar. His music is is permeated by a kind of exoticism. It is thoughtful without losing its sense of humour. The influences of jazz, North American and West African blues, and folk music from all over the world are obvious.