Ina Blom og Asbjørn Grønstad

Under kveldens plattform-arrangement presenterer professor Ina Blom et foredrag relatert til et pågående forskningsprosjekt om tidlig videokunst. Som respondent til foredraget har vi invitert Asbjørn Grønstad ved Universitetet i Bergen.

Foredraget vil holdes på engelsk.

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Ina Blom: The Autobiography of Video. Towards a Revisionist Account of Early Video Art.

In this lecture I will discuss the ways in which the technical arrangements of analog video opened onto new forms of social memory and hence also new social ontologies. Here, I trace the agency of a technological object that (among other things) deploys artistic and aesthetic formats and contexts as part of its exploration of its own temporalizing potentials. While such an approach may be associated with an anthropological tradition preoccupied with the biography of objects, the specific affordances of video suggests a significant twist in this narrative: it now appears as if video deploys artistic contexts and framework for an autobiographical inscription that turns around its own particular memory-functions.

Ina Blom is Professor at the Institute of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo. She has published widely in the fields of modernism/avant-garde studies and contemporary art, with a particular focus on media aesthetics and the relationship between art and technology. She is currently head of The Archive in Motion – an interdisciplinary research project studying changes in social memory under the impact of new media technologies. Her most recent book is On the Style Site. Art, Sociality and Media Culture. New York: Sternberg Press, 2007 (2009).

Respondent: Asbjørn Grønstad
Asbjørn Grønstad is a film scholar and Professor of visual culture at the Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Bergen, where he is also project director of Nomadikon: The Bergen Center of Visual Culture. He is the author of numerous articles and books and is (together with Øyvind Vågnes) founder and editor of the journal Ekfrase: Nordic Journal of Visual Culture. His latest book is Cinema and Agamben: Ethics, Biopolitics and the Moving Image (ed. with Henrik Gustafsson, Bloomsbury, 2014).

Plattform er Bergen Kunsthalls foredragsserie. Støttet av Fritt Ord.

Plattform presenterer Ina Blom og Asbjørn Grønstad