©Ifrah Hassan Osman

Welcome Ifrah!

In February 2022, Ifrah Osman (she/her) joined the team at Bergen Kunsthall as a Live Programme Aspirant.

Ifrah works with event production and is developing two conversations that are a part of the series titled If we were thrown into the meltin’ pot, would we tie a true lovin’ knot? which deals with the overwhelming use of the word “identity” in the work that artists create. Her position is part of the Aspirant scheme of the Cultural Council 2022-2023.

Ifrah has a bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Oslo Nye Høgskolen, where she developed a competence to understand international relations and events. She has traveled to countries with ongoing conflicts for research, to understand what causes wars, and why it is difficult to create peace. It was this that paved her way as a cultural worker, where she soon found out that art and culture are one of the few factors that can have a positive influence on peacemaking.

Ifrah is interested in the relationship between people and art, and how to make art accessible to more people. She explores controversial topics through dialogue where the involvement of various groups is key. In addition to conversations, she wants to explore curatorial methods that build new relationships as a way to challenge structures in the established art world.