Plattform X Borealis Samtale: Roscoe Mitchell in Conversation with John McCowen

Join legendary American composer and improviser Roscoe Mitchell in conversation with long time collaborator John McCowen about his life and work.

As a founding member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), and the Trio Space, Mitchell holds a key position in the history of experimental music. He’s an artist who defies easy categorisation. Whether known as the rule breaking experimental jazz multi-instrumentalist or Mills College composition professor, his work avoids being pigeonholed through his hybrid approach to composition and improvisation – whether that’s through improvisation as live composition, or scored pieces incorporating structured improvisation. Virtuosic, boundary pushing and progressive, his life in music and art continues to evolve exploring new sonic spaces, performance practices, and technologies.

Presented in collaboration with Borealis

Plattform and Borealis Samtale is supported by Fritt Ord Foundation

This talk is in English