Plattform: Tenthaus

Bergen Kunsthall welcomes the Oslo-based organisation Tenthaus for an online conversation that explores schools as a place for artistic production. The event takes place as part of the programme in connection with our exhibition with Jef Geys, who worked for almost 30 years as a middle school teacher, while exhibiting also internationally.

Tenthaus is an artist-run organisation that focuses on artistic work in schools. Together with artists and groups, the organisation plays an active role in its community which combines artistic practices with social activism.

Matilde Balatti, Project coordinator at Tenthaus with responsibility for workshop and school contacts
Thomas Benedict Holth, Architect for P1 mobile studio
Stan D´Haene, SoMe and project coordinator at Tenthaus
Helen Eriksen, Founding member of Tenthaus and director of the board
Shahrzad Malekian, Curator at Tenthaus
Ebba Moi, Founding member of Tenthaus, board member and member of Radiorådet
Mechu Rapela, works at Tenthaus
Stefan Schröder, Founding member of Tenthaus and board member
Ida Uvaas, Responsible for accounts and admin at Tenthaus and P1 coordinator
Nikhil Vettukatil, Coordinator/technician for Radio Tenthaus

Plattform is Bergen Kunsthall’s series of lectures and debates with artists and prominent thinkers. Expanding on topics of our exhibitions and events, they give a chance to engage or dig deeper.