Plattform presents: Simon Ling

Simon Ling “The Showing Uv It”
“The Showing Uv It” is an exhibition of new and recent works by Simon Ling that extends and develops a number of ideas and themes explored in the preceding group exhibition, “The Noing Uv It”, which was presented at Bergen Kunsthall 9 January – 15 February, this time through a solo presentation of paintings.

Simon Ling is a British artist whose work is concerned with looking, with seeing, and with painting as a way of thinking about the world. Many of Ling’s works are made ‘en-plein air’: painted in the streets around his London studio, in rural locations in the countryside, in parks and wasteland. He also works in the studio, sometimes from elaborate models, which he constructs himself. His subjects can often appear banal – street scenes, still lifes, rocks, stones or patches of scrubland – but through a process of rigorous ‘looking’, his works transcend the ordinariness of their initial appearance. Ling´s works were recently shown at Tate Britain, Camden Arts Centre, CAPC Bordeaux, etc.

27. Mars 2015