Plattform: Jonas Ekeberg

Welcome to this Plattform talk and book launch with Jonas Ekeberg!

“Postnordisk – Den nordiske kunstscenens vekst og fall 1976–2016” by Jonas Ekeberg is the first comprehensive presentation of Nordic art and art scene in the transition from postmodernism to what is today called “the era of contemporary art”.

The book is published by Torpedo Press and is available from 18 October (see:

The talk is held in English

The story is centered around three historical situations: the beginning of the 1990s, when artists, critics and curators of the “new” art scenes challenged Nordic postmodernism, the late 1990s, when the Nordic artists received the disputed label “the Nordic miracle”, and the 00s, when one saw a turn to the left of in the art institutions and a turn to the right in cultural policy.

The book presents readings of works of art, exhibitions, publications and institutions over the last forty years, and together presents a historical and political portrait of the forces that shape the discourse on art.

Jonas Ekeberg is the editor-in-chief of the online art journal Kunstkritikk and a critic in Aftenposten. He is originally an artist and has been active since the early nineties as a critic, curator, editor and director in the Nordic art scene. Ekeberg’s latest publications include “80 millioner bilder – Norsk kulturhistorisk fotografi 1855–2005” and “Kunsten å falle – Fotografier av norsk performance og prosesskunst 1966–2009”.

9. November 2019 Kl.: 15:00